Grey’s Anatomy, The Simpsons, NCIS… What are the american series the longest ?

If the Emergency has long occupied this place, it is now official, Grey’s Anatomy has taken the place of the queen and now occupies the throne of the series medical, broadcast in prime time in the United States. ABC/Mitch Haaseth records are made to be exceeded. And that Emergency could not hold forever. In fact, the soap’s medical Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy, with its 15 seasons and 343 episodes, becoming the longest-lasting series in-hospital broadcast in prime time (this excludes soaps daily).

Who would have believed its launch, 15 years later, she would always be there ? The one who first suffered from the comparison with Emergency (too much soap, not enough realistic or political), can now boast of having exceeded, in terms of longevity, the series reference. 15 years of drama, tears, laughs, romances, sick, spectacular events, the dead, horrible, births, departures or arrivals. 15 seasons to pull the rope on the soap with a communicative energy, one of the great series that end up becoming essential to the television landscape.

With Grey’s Anatomy , Shonda Rhimes has made its mark. The soap upward, in the excess measured, and in the overflowing passion. A series that does not hide its gender, its tradition without forgetting or omitting to be present. The series of Shonda Rhimes are not openly militant or political, and yet their presence screams the need for change of paradigm, in particular on the question of the representation of minorities. His series reflect the world. No wonder that Grey’s Anatomy also lasts a long time. Everyone can find, each one can pack for Meredith, Alex and Bailey. When there are american series the most long, the classification is evolving slowly but surely. Criminal minds hangs on to the fifteenth place. We know now that his term, a fifteenth and final season of 10 episodes which will push its total to 323. A beautiful existence, to the cop show to serial killers. NCIS continues to be the beautiful hours of CBS and M6, already 16 seasons and 374 episodes for Gibbs and his team. But it is New York Unit Special who can claim to be the police series the longest-lasting (20 seasons as a New York Police Judiciaire but 459 episodes). Side animation, Griffin displays a beautiful vitality, with its 17 seasons and 329 episodes, but the chamion any class, unbeaten before long, all the more that she still hasn’t shot his reverence, it is of course The Simpsons, which with its 30 seasons, and 665 episodes continues to laugh with the world. And this is not finished, since the series has been renewed for two more seasons.
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