If Beale Street could talk : did you know that the novel had already been adapted by a French filmmaker ?

Interviewed by AlloCiné, Barry Jenkins has reacted to the existence of a previous adaptation of “If Beale Street could talk” by a French filmmaker, Robert Guédiguian. March Movies After Moonlight, the american filmmaker Barry Jenkins is back in theaters with If Beale Street could talk. The film adapts the novel of the same name by James Baldwin, which had already benefited from an adaptation by the French filmmaker Robert Guédiguian under the title of the place of the heart. When Barry Jenkins went through Paris to promote his film, AlloCiné has done to react to the existence of this previous version : “I didn’t know it at the time I wrote the adaptation, it is only by contacting the James Baldwin Estate [which manages the rights to the work of James Baldwin, editor’s Note] to send them my screenplay that I knew. They told me that there had been an adaptation of this story located in Marseille but I have not yet seen. I hope I can find a copy as I’m in France because I’ve not found in the United States. But I wanted to make my version before seeing this one, of course.” Released in 1998, Was the place of the heart saw Laure Raoust and Alex Ogou embody the couple interpreted by KiKi Layne and Stephan James in the version of Jenkins. Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Ariane Ascaride complete the cast of this adaptation that almost never see the light of day ! Guédiguian proposed to the beneficiaries of Baldwin 20 000 francs for the rights of the book for the cinema, where the work of Baldwin can pull out much more expensive ! Knowing that the sister of Baldwin had loved her declaration of intention, the filmmaker sent him a VHS of the life, death. The claimant responded so positively to the offer and, as the story goes, the CNC , the film by Guédiguian will appeal to the entourage of Baldwin. One of Jenkins, meanwhile, is still in the halls : If Beale Street could talk trailer VO

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