Grey’s Anatomy-season 15 : the teaser promises that the episode 11 will be the strongest of the season

Check out the teaser of episode 11 of season 15 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, advertised as the “most high”, which should be centered on the delicate operation of Catherine… find out in our player above the teaser of the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy , which will be released next week. Catherine is going to be operated on for his cancer and Richard and Jackson are crazy anxiety. The operation, performed by Amelia and Koracick , looks particularly delicate, and we are promised the episode “the strongest” of the season. In the light of the images of Richard, which seems to pray to the sky and Jackson, with tears in their eyes to be torn from the arms of Maggie, he announced that he was in any case rich in emotions. The episode 11 of season 15, entitled ” The Winner Takes It All, will be released on Thursday, January 31, on ABC, and then in the US+24 sur MYTF1VOD.

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